Why Pros Should Deal With Garage Door Spring Issues

The springs are some of the most important components of your garage door. They counteract the force of gravity on the door. Any time you have an issue with your springs, it's best to hire a professional for the following reasons. Understand Safety Protocol There is a lot of force being supported by your garage door springs. A miscalculation or wrong move could be life-threatening, which is why it's a good idea to just let a qualified garage door repair specialist handle any problems with the springs.

When Garage Door Springs Break: There Is Always A Reason Why

Springs are the small, yet mighty force that allows your garage door to move smoothly up and down the track. Given their function and the amount of wear and tear placed on them, it is not unheard of for springs to fail. However, it is not only important to repair broken springs — but it is also important to understand why they broke. Sizing and Quality Garage door springs do not come in a convenient one-size-fits-all package.

What To Do If You've Hit The Garage Door

It doesn't matter how many times you have pulled your car in and out of your driveway without any mishaps, you can still have that one instance where you accidentally hit your garage door. Maybe you had things on your mind and misjudged the distance, maybe you accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake, or maybe you even put the car in the wrong gear. When this happens, you'll want to know what to do next.

Safety Tips To Keep In Mind For Your Commercial Garage Doors

Your commercial garage doors provide an entry point into your building that is likely used every day to accept new inventory or to ship out your own products. You probably don't spend a ton of time thinking about the doors themselves, but it's a good idea to periodically assess the area in order to ensure a safe working environment for all of your employees. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind for your commercial garage doors.

Be Aware of Problems with Your Garage Springs

Along with the plumbing, roof, weatherstripping, HVAC system, and numerous other areas of your home that you need to be conscious of with regards to recognizing problems that need fixing, you also need to pay close attention to your garage. The garage springs are one area of concern because the wear that gets put on them leaves them prone to experiencing problems throughout the years. Learn more about garage door springs and possible repair issues by continuing with this article.