Be Aware of Problems with Your Garage Springs

Along with the plumbing, roof, weatherstripping, HVAC system, and numerous other areas of your home that you need to be conscious of with regards to recognizing problems that need fixing, you also need to pay close attention to your garage. The garage springs are one area of concern because the wear that gets put on them leaves them prone to experiencing problems throughout the years. Learn more about garage door springs and possible repair issues by continuing with this article.

Know Your Springs

First, you want to know which type of garage door springs your garage door has. There are two different types and they are extension springs or torsion springs. Something to know about extension springs is when one needs repairing, the other will automatically have to be repaired at the same time. Torsion springs don't last nearly as long as extension springs, so you should expect to have repair issues sooner with this type of springs.

Recognizing the Signs of Garage Door Spring Problems

1. There is a loud noise. If you hear a very loud noise that sounds like a bang when the door goes up, then the chances are that you have a spring that has broken.

2. There are spaces in the springs. The springs to your garage door should not have spaces in them. If you are starting to notice there are gaps, then you want to have someone come out because the springs likely need to be replaced. After all, the problem is only going to get worse.

3. The springs are starting to unwind. Like gaps, seeing that the springs are beginning to unwind at either end is something else that you want to have taken care of right away. This is a repair issue that you should consider to be of the utmost importance.

4. The garage door doesn't have smooth motions. You know how your garage door moves when it goes up and down. Therefore, you should be able to notice if it suddenly starts to more roughly or seem like it is getting caught on things, then you want someone to come out because it's likely that the problem is with the springs.

Since your garage door is very heavy and can end up causing a very bad accident if it isn't functioning as it should, you don't want to ignore problems when you notice them happening. Contact services that perform garage door spring repairs to learn more.