When Garage Door Springs Break: There Is Always A Reason Why

Springs are the small, yet mighty force that allows your garage door to move smoothly up and down the track. Given their function and the amount of wear and tear placed on them, it is not unheard of for springs to fail. However, it is not only important to repair broken springs — but it is also important to understand why they broke.

Sizing and Quality

Garage door springs do not come in a convenient one-size-fits-all package. The style of your door will largely impact what type of springs you need to have installed, so if you ignored this issue at the time of the door installation, it is likely the reason why the springs have failed. 

As a general rule, the heavier the garage door, the larger the springs need to be and the higher quality. Otherwise, the weight of the door will cause the undersized, low-quality spring to fall quickly. When you have the springs repaired, the technician will be sure to install springs that are appropriately sized for your door.

Climate Impact

Homeowners who live in certain climates are at a greater risk of experiencing spring damage, particularly rainy and cold climates. In rainy climates, moisture settling on top of the springs is a common concern because it can cause them rust and breakdown. 

In terms of a cold climate, the cold temperature puts an extra strain on the springs, which can cause them to snap and break. The best way to avoid this type of outcome is to keep the springs well lubricated. However, if even a single spring snaps, you will need to have it repaired before you can safely operate the door again. 


Nothing lasts forever, and garage door springs are no exception. As a result, this is by far the most common reason why garage door springs fail. In the average home with two vehicles, the garage door is going up and down a minimum of 8 times within a single day. 

Expand to this number, a years' worth of use, and it is easy to see that the springs experience a great deal of wear. If you have your door system inspected regularly, you will be able to catch the damage before the springs fail and require repair.

If you have issues with your garage door springs, do not try to repair them on your own. This job is one that is best left to a professional to diagnose and repair.