4 Features To Compare When Shopping For A Garage Door Replacement

If you need a garage door replacement soon, it's a good time to start comparing your options. Popular choices for residential garage doors include steel, aluminum, composite, and wood. Metal and wood doors have completely different looks from each other, so you might base your selection on appearance. However, you don't want to neglect comparing prices and maintenance needs.

Here are some other features of garage doors to compare. 

1. Insulation

Metal garage doors are common, and the basic doors don't have any insulation. You don't need insulation on a garage door unless you plan to be in the garage a lot working or lounging. If you want insulation, you can buy a double-sided metal or composite door that has insulation between the panels.

That drives up the cost, so you'll want to talk to the garage door company to see if insulated doors are necessary or right for you.

2. Windows

If you want a lot of natural light so you don't feel like you're boxed in when you're working in the garage, you may want a row of windows. The windows also allow you to peek outside if someone pulls into your driveway.

Windows could potentially make your garage less secure if people can see inside your garage from the outside. The garage door company can talk to you about window options and how to add them so your garage stays secure.

3. Appearance

Once you choose whether you want a metal door, wood, or composite that looks like wood, you still have a few choices in how your door looks. You might opt for carriage-style metal doors that appear as if they swing out. You can also choose the color of your door and the species of wood for a wood door that affects the door's appearance.

Ask your garage door contractor to show you all of the options in your price range so you buy a door you'll love to come home to but that's also easy to operate and maintain.

4. Opener

The doors can be installed with different types of openers. The openers have different prices. Plus, some are quieter than others. You may even want a smart opener that you can hook up to your smart home system. A smart opener lets you monitor the door when you're away so you can make sure it's closed. The door can be programmed to open as you approach, and it can be controlled remotely in case you need to let someone in while you're away.