What You Need To Know About Garage Doors, Stains, Sealants, And Paint

Do you need to stain, seal, or paint your new wooden garage door? Before you schedule an installation service, take a look at the color and care-related questions to ask about garage doors.

Should You Stain a Wooden Garage Door?

A stain allows you to preserve the look of natural wood—while adding a decorative touch to the door. This option gives you the chance to enhance the rustic chic aesthetics of wood. Whether you choose a deep, dark stain or a golden, lighter hue, this type of finish won't peel, chip, crack, or change colors dramatically over time.

Even though a stain is a durable (and easy) way to add a sense of style to your garage, it isn't a one-time painting process. You'll need to maintain the stain. The specific amount of time between stain processes depends on the door, your area's climate, and the type of product you choose. Refer to the manufacturer's directions for use.

Faded or uneven coloring may signal the need for another staining session. Inspect the door regularly to look for signs of wear and tear. A freshly stained door can update your home's exterior and increase curb appeal. You may need to stain the door every year or every few years to keep it in top shape.

Should You Seal the Garage Door?

While a stain adds aesthetic value, it won't fully protect the door. A sealant coating is an easy way to add shine, hide imperfections, and protect the wood's surface. After you stain the door, you should also seal it. Like staining, you'll also need to re-seal the door every couple of years to maintain the exterior integrity.

Should You Paint the Door?

Even though a stain can enhance the natural look of wood, some homeowners prefer the solid color paint provides. Your new garage door is a blank canvas. Take the opportunity to create the color palette of your dreams and pick a paint that upgrades the existing exterior aesthetics of your home.

The color you select can match the window trim, an entry door, or another area of your home. If you don't want a coordinating color, choose a color that contrasts with the other colors on your house. A contrasting hue will stand out and can create a dramatic look.

Like stains and sealants, you'll need to re-paint your wooden garage periodically. Inspect the exterior surface and look for chips or peeling paint. Never apply an additional coat of paint over a cracked or peeling surface. Instead, sand and repaint the door. If you don't have expertise or experience in this area, hire a professional to repaint the wood.