Reasons A Garage Door Gets Slow And Repairs That Can Speed It Back Up

Garage doors aren't fast under the best conditions, so it's frustrating when your door slows down more than normal. It may seem like it takes forever for your door to open and close when you're in a hurry. Here are some possible reasons your garage door is slow and the repairs it might need.

The Track Needs Lubrication

If your garage door hasn't been serviced in a long time, the lubrication may be dried out. Read your owner's manual for instructions on the lubricant to use and how to use it on the garage door tracks.

If you're uneasy about doing the job yourself, then call a garage door repair service. They'll figure out why the door is slow, and if lubrication is the problem, they can lubricate the parts that need it so your door can go up and down without being slowed by friction.

The Track Is Damaged

Another thing that can cause your door to slow down is friction from a damaged roller track. If the track is bent, the rollers won't be able to glide smoothly, and your door can slow down. Also, if the track has debris in it, the door may get slower. When there are problems with the track, your door may also shudder or make noise when it is in operation.

A bent track can sometimes be straightened out so your door operates normally. However, if the track has multiple problems and is likely to cause trouble in the future, the garage door professional may replace the track.

The Spring Has Lost Tension

The garage door spring holds tension so it can raise the door. If the spring loses tension, the door raises up more slowly. It's possible to adjust the tension in a garage door spring so the door opens faster again, but working with the springs can be dangerous, especially if your door has a torsion spring.

Whether your door has springs on the sides or a single spring on top, you may want to call a garage door repair professional to make adjustments and to determine if the spring is still in good shape or if it needs to be replaced.

When your garage door slows down, it's telling you there's a problem somewhere, and if you don't have it fixed, the problem might get worse. For instance, if the door doesn't roll freely and gets stuck on the track, your door might become uneven or even jump the track.

If you can't find a quick and easy solution for your slow door, let a repair service take a look so you can prevent a more serious problem from developing.